Why is Application Modernization Better than Code Migration?

Why is Application Modernization Better than Code Migration?

Modernization is the most Effective Option for Modernizing Legacy Applications
While several methods are available for moving legacy applications to modern Java or .NET platforms, the Modernization solution delivers the optimal combination of high quality, modest cost and minimum risk.
Project TypeProject CharacteristicsCost
Manual Re-write
  • Long Project Duration
  • High Code Quality
  • High Risk
  • Very High
  • Often not fully accounted
 Application Modernization
  • ~ ⅓ of Manual Project Duration
  • High Code Quality
  • Low Risk (proven by past projects)
  • Medium
  • Low long-term maintenance
Application Migration Code Conversion
  • Mostly C/S 4GL -> C/S Java/.NET
  • Code appears to be 4GL in Java/.NET
  • Mainly used for small projects
  • Medium/Low
  • High code maintenance
Key Considerations
  • A manual code re-write has the longest duration, the highest project cost and the largest project risk.
  • A simple code migration will generally offer the lowest initial cost but higher maintenance costs due to inferior code quality will quickly outweigh the apparent initial cost savings.
  • The Modernization solution offers the strongest ROI as it is substantially less expensive than a manual code re-write and while initial costs may be slightly higher than a simple code migration, the higher code quality provides significantly lower long-term maintenance costs.

The Modernization solution uses a combination of advanced automated tools, sophisticated modernization technologies and professional services to produce a high-quality, native style, multi-tier modern application. 


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