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Report Conversion

Putting information in the hands of the right people at the right time is a crucial component of improving business intelligence. While many companies have heavily invested in ERP, CRM and Data Warehouse solutions that improve the capture and aggregation of business data, they have found that reporting on that data is not always as easy as it should be.
Through its Report Modernization, information workers can transform data into information, and information into knowledge.  Report modernization can effectively improve an organization's business intelligence.
Report Modernization
To provide a cost-effective, manageable and scalable enterprise reporting platform, many businesses are discovering a need to upgrade their existing reporting system.   A leading reporting solution, such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services or MicroStrategy, can help improve businesses operations by providing a complete integrated reporting and analysis solution.   However, companies that want to take advantage of advanced reporting capabilities often have existing desktop reporting solutions that utilize another tool, such as Crystal Reports.
To fully realize the benefits of advanced and scalable reporting, a conversion of existing reports to the new solution is required.  Report modernization process allows companies to quickly and cost effectively move to their desired modern reporting solution.
Report modernization is a comprehensive, cost-effective process based on a highly repeatable, quality methodology that employs the best practices and expertise developed through many years of delivering complete modernization solutions to our clients.


Report Conversion Process
Advanced report conversion tool suite is used to automatically convert the majority of most 4GL reports into the new reporting system. The report conversion tasks are completed quickly and repetitively using report conversion tools.
Key elements of the report modernization include:
  • Delivery of a prototype sample report to validate conversion quality and report format.
  • A collaborative approach to develop the report modernization plan and provide the highest value based on the client’s reporting environment.
  • A structured, simple, proven methodology for delivering high-quality reports in a timely, phased approach.
  • A single point of contact for Project Management and Quality Assurance.
  • A tailored approach and work effort to transfer the knowledge and skills required for deployment and ongoing support.
  • Best practices and recommendations for leveraging client investment in the new reporting solution.
  • Availability of report modernization experience for consultation, analysis and implementation of the new solution in an enterprise reporting and BI context.


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